Applied Improv is even in Forbes

Slowly, but surely, Applied Improvisation - the practice of using improv skills to improve business function and culture - is moving into the mainstream.

Now, there’s an article in Forbes. That is mainstream.


  • It’s in Forbes.

  • It gets some of the concepts correct and acknowledges that there is more to it

  • It’s a quick read


  • Of course the photo shows someone at the microphone, because even if the writer knows what improv is, the editor and/or designer did not.

  • It’s a little heavily focused on Presenting. That’s OK, because improv helps a LOT with Presentation Skills - ask us - but there’s way more.

“Improv has become part of our daily nomenclature. It’s part of our culture. We now embrace the unknown and face any challenge with confidence, professionalism, tact and a whole lot of laughter.”

Wouldn’t that be sweet at your company?

Read for yourself.