Water - The Musical (Grades 3-5)

In partnership with the Portland Water Bureau, we are pleased to present another 30-minute musical about how great Portland's water is, and what we can do to keep it that way. Thrill as Parker and Taylor, Broadway's Hit Makers, come up with a musical right before your eyes. Andrew Berkowitz wrote the book, Skelly Harrington wrote the lyrics and Patrick Short wrote the music, directed and produced. We have funding for 5-6 school visits per year through 2021. Call us at 503.236.8888 or write amy (at) thinkingtheatre.com to get us booked at your school.

I Just Don't Buy That (Grades 4-5, formerly for 6-8)

In partnership with Metro. Andrew Berkowitz wrote the book and Patrick Short wrote the music, directed and produced. It's all about REDUCING by being smart and skeptical consumers. The play premiered on March 19, 2010 and ran through May, 2012 at Middle Schools. There are also videos of 5 of the scenes. More info here.

I Just Don't Buy That reconfigured for 4th and 5th Graders, with two entirely new sketches from the mind of Andrew Berkowitz and 5 new songs by Patrick Short & Gypsie Raleigh, ran from March 2015 through June, 2019.

Jordan's Quest (Grades 3-5)

This musical adventure, in partnership with Metro, premiered March 19, 2011 and ran through June, 2014, playing at 95 schools. It was a blast. It's done now.

Sky Orbison and the Earth Protectors (Grades K-5)

A 2007 play developed in partnership with Metro, aimed at the K-5 crowd.  Sky Orbison tackles reducing, reusing and recycling in an interactive setting with original music.  Written by Andrew Berkowitz with music by Patrick Short.  Sky Orbison premiered April 20, 2007, played in over 130 schools and ran through 2011.

Frozen Carrots (K-8)

Frozen Carrots is a funny and thought-provoking musical play that teaches about hunger in Oregon and the United States. It follows two students through an afternoon of working as volunteers at Oregon Food Bank, where they make a deal with the volunteer coordinator: If they can answer three questions about hunger, they can leave early.

In answering those three questions, our young heroes learn about hunger and the mission of Oregon Food Bank -- and realize that they might not want to go home early after all.

The play has a cast of four adult professionals, contains five original songs, and the run time is 32 minutes plus a Question & Answer session.

Frozen Carrots delivers a powerful message and strong incentive for students and adults to volunteer - wrapped in a funny and moving musical. It's perfect for school food drive time - but don't let that limit your thinking and planning.  This is a great play for any time.

Book and lyrics by Andrew Berkowitz
Original Music and Stage Direction by Patrick Short
Choreography by Mary Pat McCoy
Based on a concept by Ruth Jenkins