CSz Portland Education offers a wide range of opportunities for youth to get involved in improvisation.

Improv teaches teamwork, listening, cooperation, acceptance; it's also an amazing amount of fun!  Build self-confidence, public speaking ability and presence, and have a great time while you're doing it!

Our teachers are professional players with years of experience in front of paying audiences.  We look for ways for every student to make progress; we're positive, supportive and we know how to make things fun.

We have classes at our arena in NW Portland and we have teachers available for workshops in your classrooms, or at your meetings or church.

U-18 Classes

Our next U-18 Class begins October 26, 2019.

CSz U-18 teaches improv and theatre skills, teamwork, focus, listening, acceptance and fun.  Eligible players come from area schools and workshop together on six Saturdays.

There will be Level 101 (Beginner) and Level 202 (Intermediate/Advanced) classes happening at the same time in different rooms. You will be sorted into the appropriate level when you sign up. 

Class runs from 10:00am to 12:30pm each Saturday. There is a sharing show for friends and family. There is no cost to attend the show. There is also an opportunity to play in a half time show at a ComedySportz Pro Match.

All workshops are held at CSz Portland Arena, 1963 NW Kearney St.

Classes are open to students in the 6th - 12th grades.

If you have any questions about ComedySportz U-18, email us or call 503.236.8888.

To Register: Call 503.236.8888, email us or register online.

Download and print these two forms before the first class: Form 1  & Form 2

Summer Camps 2020

CSz Portland is pleased to offer our Youth Improv Summer Camps - an intensive version of our popular classes. Our years of teaching and performing improv comedy make each camp an experience our students never forget.

Improv training fosters creativity, teamwork, confidence and poise both on and off the stage. Our camps are a great way to learn about improv in a fun and supportive environment!

Our camps are designed for youth ages 9-17.

All CSz Summer Camps meet at the ComedySportz Portland Arena, 1963 NW Kearney St. 

Classes are Monday through Friday, 1:00pm to 3:30pm
There is an hour-long sharing show for family and friends Friday at 3:30pm
Interested teens can also perform at halftime of a ComedySportz Pro Show (details at camp)

Classes led by Youth Ed Director John Russell, along with Pro Staff and Interns based on enrollment numbers.

Summer Camp dates/pricing for 2020 will be announced in March, 2020. We expect to do 5-6 weeks of camps in 2020.

Youth Improv Summer Camps for 2020 -  registration page.  Email us at portland@comedysportz.com if you have questions.

Download and print these two forms before the first class: Form 1  & Form 2

Improv for Families

Begins TBD - email us if you are interested at john (at) portlandcomedy.com

Now, a ComedySportz class for kids and their adults!

Improv for Families is the perfect opportunity for parents to learn ComedySportz games with their kids. The class is open to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, family friends, cousins once or twice removed, and siblings age 8 to 18. All levels of experience welcome. 

Class runs for six Saturdays from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

There is a show for friends and family at the end of the classes. There is no cost to attend the show. There is also an opportunity to play in a half time show at a ComedySportz Pro Match.

All workshops are held at CSz Portland Arena, 1963 NW Kearney St.

$100 per person.
Third family member is only $50.
Fourth family member is free.
Questions? E-mail john (at) portlandcomedy.com.

To register: call 503.236.8888, or register online.

Download and print these two forms before the first class: Form 1  & Form 2

High School League®


Q:  How is ComedySportz HSL different for 2019 and beyond?

A:  Our CSz Training for High Schools is focusing on "production style" engagements, modeled on  our successful work with Milwaukie and Clackamas High Schools. We contract with the school, cast the production and run a series of workshops to prepare for a single weekend or multiple weekend of shows. We provide the direction, advice on sound and lighting (needs are minimal), cool logo-ed jerseys and a professional referee to make sure your production is of the highest quality.

Benefits for Teachers:

  • Your students learn improvisation from the professionals - people who actually get paid to do it.

  • Takes the burden of directing multiple shows each year off of teachers

  • Allows students to cultivate leadership skills

  • Allows teachers to offer awesome opportunities without huge time and effort investment

  • Small budget investment for major pedagogical return

  • CSz Portland will work with you on budgeting - costs can come out of performances

Benefits for Students:

  • Chance to grow as performers, leaders, artists and teachers

  • Chance to grow a caring, compassionate, inclusive community from the ground up

  • Great for resumes

  • Stage time!

  • Fun!

Veteran HS Theater Teacher Tom Beckett has called CSz's approach, "The most organized and concise way to learn improv" that he's seen.

Contact us at office (at) portlandcomedy.com

Alternatively, we are offering Saturday classes at the arena for U-18's (under 18 years old) for students ages 11 and up. Check for that here.

"[My son has] blossomed since his first class. He's taken some form of theater arts ever since. I could wax on about how it's helped him develop humor, empathy, dealing with surprise, transitions, how to appropriately interact with others, and built his confidence, but really I just want to tell you that what you're doing is very, very important. Thank you for making this club possible at Grant HS"  - LG, parent.

Q:  How do I get more information?

A:  Please contact our GM, Patrick Short via office (at) portlandcomedy.com.



Scouts / Destination Imagination

Improvisation is an integral part of Destination Imagination  there's no better way to demonstrate teamwork, determination and wit in the competitions than to bring CSz to your group.

Our workshops teach teamwork, confidence and problem-solving skills. We lead students to accept offers and turn negatives into positives, how to take creative risks and how to handle mistakes. CSz exercises build enthusiastic, flexible and energetic teams.

Our teachers are show and workshop experienced; we have them teach our team and internal workshops long before we send them to you. Many have done hundreds of workshops and thousands of performances.

Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Bring us to your location, or have your group come to our arena.

For single workshops, our rates are:

$15 per participant per hour, with a minimum of $150 per session.
There is a modest travel fee for groups outside of the Portland Metro Area.
For groups above 40 participants, please call or e-mail us

We can also design an ongoing series of workshops specifically for your group's needs. Please contact us for more information at 503.236.8888 or e-mail us at john (at) porlandcomedy.com

We can even perform the Original ComedySportz Match at regional meets or other DI events!

Improv On the Go! - Workshops at Your Location

Improv for High School, Middle School and even Elementary School Drama Classes:

CSz offers your students an opportunity to learn improv by working with the most experienced player/teachers around. We teach hundreds of workshops to people of all ages each year, and all of our teachers are professional players.

We've a long, successful history of teaching faculty team building workshops, too!

CSz can develop a workshop to fit into your curriculum, or you can turn us loose to teach the basics of improvisation, including:

  • Listening and acceptance

  • Narrative

  • Giving up control and sharing the stage

  • Physical space

  • Character endowment

  • Status

  • Scene work

  • ComedySportz games

We lead with energy, support and positive feedback:

The team supports each other
We celebrate mistakes and fix them together, rather than judging them
We give everyone a chance to shine
We allow everyone to play in a safe, nurturing environment
We Listen, Trust, Commit, Risk, Accept, Share, Enjoy
We say Yes!

For single school workshops in 2017, our rates are:

$200 per hour, with a minimum of $200. Additional hours may be less in certain circumstances.
There is a modest travel fee for groups outside of the Portland Metro Area.
For groups above 25 participants, please call or e-mail us.

For a series of workshops, please call us at 503.236.8888.

Faculty Workshops

Great for kicking off the school year, or at any Professional Development day during the year. It's CSz Business Training applied to Education. It's awesome. Here what a Middle School Principal has to say:

Call us at 503.236.8888 x4 or email patrick (at) cszportland.com