Our flagship event is the ComedySportz Match - over 4,900 shows since 1993. Every Friday at 8pm and Saturday at 7pm, our Blue and Red Teams battle for laughs and points under the command of the all-powerful Referee. Everything we do is based on fan suggestions, and the fans control the outcome of the match. It's fast, very funny, and suitable for everyone

We also offer Improv 4 Kids and a wide variety of improv formats at our Primetime and After Hours Shows.

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Photo Credit:  H HHClick

Photo Credit: HHHClick

Do you have a company? Know of a company? Just want company? Our ComedySportz® Matches are portable events that tailor themselves to the needs of your group. CSz Portland plays for companies, colleges, schools, churches, conventions and many other organizations - over 1600 groups since 1993. We're totally flexible, and we'll make you look good - anywhere, at almost any time.

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The reason our performers look like they are having so much fun? They are having fun! Improv does many good things for its participants: they get more creative, they learn to communicate better with others, they build community, they learn to adapt and they laugh - a lot! We teach adults, teens, youth and groups of all kinds at all levels. 

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