Promotional Graphics, Photos and Posters

The following graphics are provided in Web- and print-ready formats for your assistance in promoting CSz Portland and ComedySportz. Photo descriptions and player IDs are provided for your information, but need not be used in your materials.

Important things to know about our brand(s):

The logos may NOT be modified, distorted, re-shaped or added to in any fashion. They must stand alone; don’t incorporate them into other logos. If you resize them, you must maintain the original proportions. If you set our logos on a background, we don’t want to see the background through our logos. Thank you.

Please note that, when written, ComedySportz is one word, with an uppercase 'C' and 'S'.

ComedySportz is our show. Our group is CSz Portland. Our theater is the CSz Portland Arena.

If you are an outside group playing at Primetime, use CSz Portland as the location, and use CSz and Primetime logos, not ComedySportz logos. Outside groups do not appear at ComedySportz. You appear at CSz Portland or the CSz Portland Arena. Thank you.

Need further information? Contact Patrick Short at 503.236.8888 x4, or email office (at)

Color posters in pdf format:  Import them into your design program or e-mail them to your nearby printer and hand-write your showtime and location info. The posters are at the bottom of this page.

And just for fun, here is a document that helps you with the ideal room setup for a ComedySportz Match.


Use This File ONLY for CSZ Primetime - do not use to promote Comedysportz

Use This File ONLY for CSZ Primetime - do not use to promote Comedysportz

PDF Poster 8.5" x 11"

PDF Poster 11" x 14"

PDF Poster 11" x 17"

And here is a promo video that you can show to build excitement for your private event! The YouTube version is below, or download from this link.