CSz After Hours

After Hours is now a Full Hour:

See one of our marquee groups headline with an opening act, or see co-headliners. Our price is $10 and as always, it's included with the purchase of a ticket to the 8:00pm ComedySportz® match that evening. Mystery Science Tribute, ShakesProv, Peachy Chicken, Score!, Concerto for Piano and Mime, Magic of the Mind and more, in a new, expanded format. See you in July and beyond!

After Hours is not a ComedySportz® show and does not have a Brown Bag foul or referee. After Hours may not be family fare.

After Hours is included with your admission to that evening's ComedySportz show. Or $10 at the door. We don't take reservations for After Hours, so to ensure your seat, buy tickets for the ComedySportz® show and stay for After Hours. It's two shows for the price of one!

Here is the upcoming schedule for After Hours:

Dates are added about a month ahead and are subject to change. Change is good.

Friday, December 14
Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor

Saturday, December 15
MST Tribute Show

Friday, December 21
Magic of the Mind opens for ILF, directed by Brad Fortier

Saturday, December 22
Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor

Friday, December 28
Been There opens for Score!

Saturday, December 29
Prof. Yarborough’s Lecture Hall opens for Magic of the Mind

Starting in January Friday shows at 9:45 p.m., Saturday shows at 9:00 p.m.

Friday, January 4, 2019
Been There opens for Short & Sweet

Saturday, January 5
Score! and Magic of the Mind

Friday, January 11
Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor

Saturday, January 12
Prof. Yarborough’s Lecture Hall, Unbreakable Chain, and Cheeky Shorts

Friday, January 18
Magic of the Mind opens for B&B

Saturday, January 19
Prof. Yarborough’s Lecture Hall and Mystery Science Theatre Tribute Show

Friday, January 25
Klondike Kate's Sourdough Reunion Show

Saturday, January 26
Jade Decanter

The Invite Portland

Sunday Night Special. 7 p.m. Just $5.

The Invite Portland brings together groups from all over the Portland Improv, Sketch and Comedy Scenes. Each show is balanced to delight your comedic senses, and we're pretty happy with how everyone comes together to make your experience unique and laughter-filled. Local beer, wine and ciders are available.

The Facebook Page for The Invite Portland is located here.

You are invited.

The Invite Portland returns in January

$5 will get you in the door and a little extra will buy you a snack or beverage including beer and wine. Doors open at 6:30 and remember this show may include some adult themes! 1963 NW Kearney St in Portland.