CSz Primetime

Saturday Nights at 9:00pm

Primetime is a 90-minute show featuring the best of our CSz Portland-based groups and projects, plus great ensembles from around the wider Portland improv and arts community.

Most shows will be produced and curated by CSz Portland. Some shows may be rentals, produced by outside groups.

Primetime is not a ComedySportz® show and does not have a Brown Bag foul or referee. Primetime may not be family fare.

Unlike After Hours, Primetime tickets may be reserved for $10 in advance.

Here is the upcoming schedule for Primetime:

Dates are added about a month ahead and are subject to change. Change is good.

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Saturday, March 16th:
Short & Sweet and Mystery Science Theatre Tribute Show

Saturday, March 23rd:
Professor Yarborough’s Lecture Hall and Death Hammer and Frosting Scrapers

Saturday, March 30th:
Score! and Magic of the Mind

Saturday, April 6th
My Circus, My Monkeys and Death Hammer

Saturday, April 13th
Prof. Yarborough’s Lecture Hall and Cheeky Short’s “The Leftovers Return”

Saturday, April 20th
Couples Skate and Mystery Science Theatre Tribute Show

Saturday, April 27th
Lil’ Candace and Short & Sweet and Let Thunder In

Advance Tickets are $10 - Tickets are $15 at the door.

All other Primetime shows,
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