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CSz Portland Arena
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1963 NW Kearney St
Portland, OR 97209

CSz Portland
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3308 Burnside St
Portland, OR 97214

T 503.236.8888
F 503.235.6291



Directions to the CSz Portland Arena


Performances and Classes take place at 1963 NW Kearney St, Portland, OR 97209

From the Portland Streetcar

There are four stops "nearest" CSz

NW 21st and Lovejoy is the closest.  Exit the streetcar, cross 21st, turn right, walk one block to Kearney, turn left, walk 1.25 blocks to CSz

NW 18th and Northrup is the first stop near us from downtown and the Pearl District.  Exit the streetcar, walk in the direction of the streetcar to 19th St, turn left, follow 19th to Kearney, turn right 3/4 of a block to CSz.

If you miss that stop, get off at NW 21st and Northrup.  Cross Northrup and walk up 21st to Kearney St.   Turn left, walk 1.25 blocks to CSz.

From NW 18th and Lovejoy, exit the streetcar and walk up 18th St to Kearney.  Turn right and walk 1.75 blocks to CSz on your right.

Directions from I-405 Northbound

Exit at Everett Street
Turn left at Second Stoplight (Glisan St)
Turn right at Third Stoplight (18th St)
Turn left on Kearney St (fourth street)
ComedySportz is on Kearney between 19th and 20th Streets

Directions from I-405 Southbound

Exit at Burnside/Couch
Continue to Burnside St.
Turn right on Burnside St
Turn right on 18th St
Turn left on Kearney St.
ComedySportz is on Kearney between 19th and 20th Streets

From Burnside St

Take 18th Street Northbound to Kearney
Turn left on Kearney St
ComedySportz is on Kearney between 19th and 20th Streets


We have a 17-car lot next to the green building at 1953 NW Kearney St. We share the lot with Guild Mortgage. If the lot is full, park down toward 19th Street or beyond - there are usually spots open that way. The other direction is next to hopeless.