CSz 502 Tracy Burns

Turn Up the Heat
Begins May 10, 2018
Thursdays, 7:30-9:30pm
CSz Portland Arena

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CSz 502: Turn up the Heat with Tracy Burns



Turn Up The Heat is an exciting workshop for improvisers (and actors) looking for the challenge of going deeper into their work. Participants learn to take risks onstage and raise the stakes in a scene by exploring sexuality, intimacy and their own vulnerability. Working from the body instead of the brain, students connect viscerally with one another while playing with wild abandon. Players have a chance to bond with each other in ways they may never have before. The class concentrates on working more truthfully, which allows the improviser the freedom to do dramatic scenes while also giving more depth to comedic ones.

In this class students will explore:

  • Being in your body
  • Working from a physical and emotional place rather than an intellectual one
  • Building a tight ensemble
  • Finding the humor organically in a scene
  • Creating dynamic tension in a scene (and breaking it in a satisfying way)
  • Learning that your own vulnerability is your greatest asset
  • Discovering things that are blocking you in your work and removing them
  • How to be more powerful onstage

When: Thursdays, 7:30-9:30pm - May 10 through June 14 (potential make up day, if needed on June 21)
Where: CSz Arena, 1963 NW Kearney St.
Cost: $180. Limited to 14 people.
Prerequisites: CSz 301 or 302 or permission of the instructors. Call Patrick at 503.236.8888 x4 or email patrick (at) portlandcomedy.com

To register, call us now at 503.236.8888, e-mail us, or register on-line.

Tracy Burns has been teaching and performing internationally for over 25 years. She teaches acting, improv, performance analysis and visual storytelling at Pixar, DreamWorks, Blue Sky Animation, Cinesite, The Third Floor and other animation studios and production houses. She was named one of the top improv instructors in Los Angeles by Backstage magazine. She was the director of the improv program at Pepperdine University for 13 years and has taught at Disney, California College of the Arts, Chapman University, Cal Tech, S.F. State, Middlesex College in London and the University of Central Florida, among others. She’s facilitated workshops for Google, General Motors, Telltale Games and Women in Animation. Tracy was a founding member and co-artistic director of London Theatresports and was the artistic director of Los Angeles Theatresports. She has also taught numerous comedy groups in England, Germany and Holland. She was a core member and instructor for the award-winning improv group Impro Theatre. She has also taught and performed with many other groups such as BATS (SF), Second City, ACME (LA), The Comedy Store Players (London), On Your Feet, Brody Theater, The Siren Theater and ComedySportz.


What students have to say about Tracy's classes:

“Thank you for such an awesome workshop. I feel I came away from it with a lot of tools for my improv, acting, and voiceover work. You have a real gift for communicating the ways to find the necessary components within myself for a unique and powerfully focused performance, and I enjoy your energy and humor.”

“It's not just that she challenges you to explore new creative avenues; it's that she provides a safe environment and encourages you to challenge yourself. It's one of the best improv classes I've ever taken. I'd recommend it to anyone who's serious about improv comedy.”

“Tracy’s class reminds you that you also have an entire body to bring to a scene. Allows you to really understand and explore how mistakes are just new discoveries. Allows you to find security in silence. Opens your eyes to movement all around you.”

“One of Tracy's superpowers is her ability to show her students how to work from the deepest source of their creativity, immediately and powerfully, with unconventional "tools and techniques" that spring from her years of working with her own creativity, and watching others do the same.”

To register, call us now at 503.236.8888, e-mail us, or register on-line.